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Helping ambitious business owners create a thriving business that works for them

 What do you want from your business?
– A profitable and successful business?
– A great work-life balance allowing you to have a full life outside work?
– Enough money to allow you to fulfil all your financial needs now and in the future, whether it’s saving for retirement, to send the kids to private school, to buy a second home [insert own choice here]?
Does this sound like you and are you struggling to achieve this? If so, you’re not alone, and help is at hand!



Have a good idea but don’t know if it will make a good business?
Need help working out what you want to do next?
Know you need a plan,but hate planning

I have workshops that will help

Support to grow your business

Do you want to run a profitable and efficient business?
Are you struggling with what to do and not having the time to do it all yourself?

Business Plans


Starting a business?
Need to write a business plan to get funding?

I can help…

Discover how well your business is doing
And identify areas to work on to become profitable

Too many businesses fail – the scary truth

Don’t be one of them

Time to Grow

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Dave Farmer – owner of Lime Consultancy on what it’s like working with me