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“Don’t settle; don’t finish rubbish books. If you don’t like the menu; leave the restaurant. If you’re not on the right path; get off it.”    –   Chris Brogan

Useful books to run your business more efficiently

There are a number of books I have read that I have found very useful covering marketing, sales, and personal growth. I will be adding to this list over time. But if you have any recommendations, please let me know –

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My books


My new book has been published! – The profitable business – How to create a thriving business that works for you – in seven short(ish) steps. It’s packed full of examples and actions you can take to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business. It’s a page-turner and no mistake!

If you’d like to see a chapter before you make your decision here are two for you to look at:

The first chapter is on getting your strategy right – what should be in it and how to create it. – Read it here

The second chapter is about how and when to take on new people – a particular challenge for the solopreneur who wants to grow. Read it here.

You can buy it now by clicking on this link

Here is what people are saying:

‘Karen has written a remarkable book that captures in just 90 pages what you have would have to read in ten different books to get the same range of knowledge.
The fact that it all comes from her own personal experience makes it all the more credible and readable.
It is a first-class guide into how to set up a business that will deliver what you want in terms of money, time and effort and not leave you working for the bank or your employees.
It’s not often you can find all the information you need in one place and the fact that Karen has achieved it in just 90 very valuable pages is a great testimony to her experience and understanding of the business world.’

‘The style of this book is easy to read and hugely practical. There are lots of real-life examples of how owners of small businesses have achieved growth. These help to spark ideas that can be adopted in your own business. I particularly like the actions to complete at the end of each chapter. The only thing missing is Karen holding you accountable to complete them! I guess if that’s what you need you can always contact her!’

‘I read a lot of business books, being self-employed I am keen to learn. The tips and content are spot on and succinct enough to read bite size. Recommended’

My second e-book is about how to increase the profits in your business without increasing sales.
Sales are vital to any business – without them, you have no business. But making sure you have a profitable business is just as important – without profits, you can’t run your business, pay yourself, grow the business or plan for a financially secure future.

If, like me, you find sales one of the more challenging disciplines when it comes to running your business, wouldn’t it be good to know what steps you can take to make it more profitable? Without having to sell a single extra product or service? Better still, if you could sell less and still make more money?

This e-book will help you do just that.

Even if you are brilliant at sales – you still need a profitable business and this book will benefit you too.

Read it here 

Running a business/Strategy


This book is fantastic for people starting out on their entrepreneurial journey and I recommend this as vital reading. It talks about having the end in mind when you start off, rather than just thinking that you’re an expert at what you do and setting off without thinking about where you might want to take your business in the long term. It talks about how you need to apply the franchise model to your business as the only way to scale.
Kindle – £1.99 : Paperback – £10.12

Big Ideas for Small Businesses

This is another fantastic book that argues that a lifestyle business is a perfectly acceptable, and in many cases, the best route for a small business to take. We don’t all want to drain oceans and be the next Richard Branson. Having a smaller business, with a small team can provide you with the money and lifestyle you need without having to think you need to create a multi-national conglomerate.

Kindle – £5.99 : Paperback – £12.99


This is an excellent book that takes you through all the areas of your marketing from prospecting through to sales to help you identify where you might be losing business and how to make sure you don’t.


Building a StoryBrand

This is my current favourite book! It helps you craft your marketing messages for your clients by placing them front and centre of your business. They are the hero, and you are their guide. It takes you through a step by step process to craft your story so that it resonates with your potential clients making it easy for them to see how you can help them.

Kindle - £9.99 : Paperback - £9.35

Accounting and finance

I can start your business:
Everything you need to know to run your limited company or self employment – for locums, contractors, freelancers and small business
by Russell Smith: Kindle - £0.99 : Paperback £6.99 - Perfect for small business owners who want to understand their accounts and finance

Improve your sales

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Self growth/improvement

Instant Conficence - How to boost your confidence for a better business

This book is packed full of exercises to help you work on increasing your self-confidence.
It also gives you the link to an audio hypnosis session that you can listen to daily.
Kindle – £7.99 : Paperback – £9.34

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