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Useful Stuff

“Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently .”    –   Henry Ford

Useful stuff to run your business more efficiently

Welcome to Useful stuff

It’s a growing page – the intention is to have case studies and other useful resources to help you with your business.

There’s a download page where you can get useful tools to help you with your business.

On the partner page, there is a list of businesses with whom I work on a collaborative basis, or that I recommend to our clients.

There will be links to good (great articles) and useful tools that have been tried and tested by me which you also may find help you run your business more efficiently.

If you are just starting out, or if you are looking for some useful information across a range of issues from insurance to funding – Start Your Own Business has a wealth of advice and tools.

Useful videos

Here are four short videos on how to increase the profits in your business without increasing your sales.


The first is about putting your prices up




The second looks at how you can package up your products and services to create more profit (whilst delivering much better value to your customers).



The third looks at cutting your costs – it’s a little known fact that cutting a cost or expense goes straight to your bottom line.


And the last one looks at how to be more efficient though outsourcing, automation and more effective use of your time.



Or if you prefer to read rather than watch a video, I also have an e-book that you can get here

Case studies

Help! My business is struggling

A case study of the review, analysis and action plan for a £4m turnover company that had been losing money for seven years.

pdf_icon Help! My business is struggling