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Start Up Workshops

“Well, I think that there’s a very thin dividing line between success and failure. And I think if you start a business without financial backing, you’re likely to go the wrong side of that dividing line.”    –   Richard Branson

Workshops to get your business off to a great start

Planning Into Action Workshop

This half day workshop will be perfect for you if you’ve got an idea and you’ve already started planning but want to know what actions to take first.
  • It will really get you to think about your business
    – what your revenue target is for the next 12 months
    – work out what your niche is
    – work out who your clients are
  • Once you’re clear about some of this stuff – we then move into a 90 day action planning stage

At the end of the workshop you will:

  • Have a clear 90 day action plan ready to implement.
  • Understand what your customers are likely to look like (though some research may need to be done).
  • Understand exactly what you are selling and to whom.
  • Get an understanding of pricing and pricing strategies

I also run a catch up session a month after the workshop to see how you’re getting on. This session is seen as really valuable by previous workshop attendees. It keeps them on target, gives them added momentum to keep going and they have an opportunity to discuss any challenges and issues they’ve had since then. Some amazing ideas have come out of these sessions. It’s amazing what tea, cake and sitting round a table talking with like minded people can achieve!

Business Planning Workshop

This half day workshop will be perfect for you if need to write a business plan that’s going to drive your business forward
  • We will go through the structure of what’s in your business plan
  • You will start writing your plan
  • We’ll identify the gaps and what you need to do to fill them in
  • I’ll help you work out your sales forecasts and start on your costings


At the end of the workshop you will –

  • Have a clear understanding of your business
  • Understand what your market is and which customers you will be targetting
  • Be really clear about what resources you need to run your business effectively
  • Know what further information you need in order to be

I run a catch-up session one month after the workshop which allows people to go and find the information they need and bring the plan back for final polishing.
Then you’ll be ready to launch your business safe in the knowledge that you have the potential for a successful business that is based in reality and not some magical Del Boy land where next year we’ll all be miwionnaires!

The planning into action workshop is a really useful next step

 Please contact me for dates of upcoming online workshops

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‘Karen really knows her stuff. You will come away from this short workshop with at least three ways to increase your profits. Guaranteed.’
Nicci Bonfanti – Trusted Sales Dynamics

‘I really enjoyed this workshop. Karen provided clear information and examples of how I can increase profitability in my business. It was packed full of valuable information and checklists that will definitely help me grow my business. Thank you.’
Louisa Pini – Just Be Natural

The importance of having a plan.
Having a great idea is just the start of it.
The hard work starts in the planning and the devil really is in the detail.
Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook fame says ‘start ups don’t need or have the time to write a business plan.’

I couldn’t disagree more. Of course there are those that succeed without plans, they will be the exceptions. We’re not talking about a complex plan at the beginning unless you are going for funding, then it needs to be detailed.
It’s a good exercise for your fledgling business. It should highlight:
  • What it is. What problem do you solve?
  • If there is a gap in the market for it – is there actually a problem to be solved?
  • Who your competitors are and what they are doing.
  • Your sales forecasts. Please no Dragons’ Den sales forecasts of generating £5million by year 2. In their dreams.
  • How you are going to market it?
  • How much is it going to cost you to run it?

Those are the basic building blocks from which you can start creating your business. Or not. If the figures don’t stack up – do you tweak it, or forget it and move on to a different idea?

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