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“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” – Thomas A Edison

Checklists, spreadsheets and other tools to help grow your business

Downloadable documents

In my work with clients, I have built up a good bank of useful tools that they use on a day to day basis.
I’d like to share these with you in the hope that you will find them useful guides to help you run your business more effectively.

It’s a work in progress and I will be adding to the list over time.

Outsourcing checklist

To be as efficient as possible, you should be outsourcing some of your workload. This will allow you to concentrate on business generating activities rather than spending your time doing your accounts or inputting your business cards into your CRM as examples.

You might also find this blog on outsourcing useful.

I’ve created a handy checklist of items that you might like to consider outsourcing which you can download here.

Prioritising your work visual

Many of you will be familiar with the Important/Urgent matrix on prioritising your work.
I’ve created a visual with examples for each quarter of the matrix to help you with what you might want to consider delegating/ditching/diminishing or developing systems for so you can concentrate on what you should be doing.
You may find it useful to print it off and stick it on your office wall as a handy reminder.

Cash flow checklist

In my blog  I share top tips on how to maximise the cash flow in your business.
This checklist gives you 12 areas to consider which, if you take action on, will help improve your cash flow.

You can download it here:

How to increase your profits without increasing your sales e-book

This e-book shows you how to increase the profits in your business without increasing sales.
Sales are, of course, vital to any business – without them, you have no business. But making sure you have a profitable business is just as important. Without profits, you can’t run your business, pay yourself, grow the business or plan for a financially secure future.

If, like me, you find sales one of the more challenging disciplines when it comes to running your business, wouldn’t it be good to know what steps you can take to make it more profitable? Without having to sell a single extra product or service? Better still, if you could sell less and still make more money?

You can read it here:

Sales forecast spreadsheet

Setting targets for your business and documenting them, really increase your chances of hitting them.
My clients all use this spreadsheet. It’s so easy to use. You plug in your sales targets for the year, then you simply pop in the actual figures month by month. It automatically creates graphs that you can print out and put on the wall, so you and your staff/colleagues can see your progress. It really works!

You can download it here:

Sales/product calculator

If you have an idea of how much money you’d like to be able to take out of your business to pay yourself each month, but don’t know to turn that figure into what that means for the amount of sales you need to make – then here is a handy calculator for you to use.

It also works the other way round. If you know what your long-term sales target is, and you want to translate that into how many sales you need to make to hit that target – I have an option to help you work that out too. This option also handily gives you how much money you could be taking home each month too.

I’ve written a blog on it which talks through the logic of the calculator and what to do once you’ve worked it all out.

You can download the sales calculator here:

Take the Entrepreneur test

Are you looking to start up a business?
Did you know there are 20 characteristics that give you an indication of whether you’ve got the right stuff to run your own business successfully? Such as how successful you were at school, or how much you like starting new projects.

I have created a test for you to take here: