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“The road to success is always under construction.”    –   Lily Tomlin

Testimonials for my business support services

Dave Farmer – owner of Lime Consultancy on what it’s like working with me

Michael Clark

CBC Pension Services

I have been working with Karen since August 2016. Since that time CBC has grown both in terms of P&L and also as a business with much-improved governance and process including a revamped website which has allowed us to pitch successfully for bigger clients. These two events are very much as a result of Karen’s work with us.
Karen now effectively acts as Chief Operating Officer for the business, liaising with other advisers to CBC in order to get the best out of everyone, including me.
Karen is a key player – we would not be without her.

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Professor Mark Whiteley photo

Professor Mark Whiteley

Consultant Surgeon and Owner at The Whiteley Clinic

We employed Karen as a Project Manager for our new Flagship Clinic in Central London. Karen joined the project at the point of finding the premises.

Karen took the project through the legal process of sorting out lease issues (particularly difficult for a medical clinic when landlords and their agents are used to office builds and not used to medical builds with the longer lead times and constant quality assurance and medical regulations!) through design, bids, appointing builders, and then managing the build and medical registration of the clinic.
Karen completed the job on budget (which she had managed to reduce from the original estimate) and before time.

Her ability to manage a complex project such as this, with operating theatres, radiology facilities etc. has been excellent and second to none. If we build another clinic, Karen will be our first choice to project manage that build!

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David Farmer

Lime Consultancy –  Independent Business Lending Specialist

There are only a few business consultants who offer genuine helpful input, Karen is one of those. What I really like is that Karen questions and challenges you in a way that really gets you thinking. There is no flannel, no waffle, just sensible and useful business advice that really, really, makes a huge difference. I have recommended Karen before and would gladly do so again.

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Sue Godby

Director at Ergocom

Independent and specialist assessments along with successful return to work programmes for the insurance market.

Karen has been working with me this year to help me build up my business. I love to do the actual business and have great ideas but hate the boring admin side of things. Karen has helped me to take an objective look at the business, shown me what I need to do to get to where I want to be. She’s been hands on and practical in sorting out my processes and admin to make it simpler and get admin support where I need it to keep things running more smoothly. She’s also helped me to prioritise and implement my marketing plan. I chose Karen as I needed someone who is what I call ‘bossy’ i.e. who will create the accountability that I need to make things happen. She has certainly done this, has been great to work with, is fun, but very practical and efficient….just who I needed in my business. Thank you Karen.

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Sam Millard

Greengages Payroll – All the Moolah without the Hoohah

Where to start with my recommendation for Karen? I have a long list actually so will do my best to keep it as short as possible. Karen is a great sounding board for ideas. She gets excited with me and then keeps my feet on the ground and is excellent at sorting my plans into coherent strategies. By understanding the way I work, Karen makes sure that she doesn’t overload me with tasks, which would then get ignored! She gives me very sensible business advice on any new ideas and often researches stuff on my behalf. Karen really does look after the business side of my business whilst I concentrate on looking after my clients and what’s more, she is a thoroughly nice person and a joy to work with.

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Nick Tasquier

Redwood Financial – Independent Financial Adviser

The main concern I had with my business is that I had knowledge of the strengths in my business but not the weaknesses. In working with Karen, to review the business and put a business plan together, she has pointed out where we were doing well and helped me to see where more work is needed. We now have documented targets which we measure monthly and have up on the wall so we can all see how well we’re doing.
She is helping with marketing activities and has re-written a lot of our website content to make it more appealing to potential customers.
I am confident that Karen has been a great asset to Redwood Financial.

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Graham Faulkner

Branch Manager, Dorking at EweMove.com – estate agent

What a truly great person Karen is, and she channels all her enthusiasm and energy into helping her clients to better themselves and their businesses. There are a lot of business coaches out there, so it’s important to choose one who stands out above the rest, and that’s what Karen does. Can;t recommend her enough. You’ve given me some great steers Karen – thank you so much

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Sali Green photo

Sali Green

Owner at iWork4u

Karen has been our mediator since I started my business and has given her expertise over and above any expectations. She is a mine of information and always quick to respond.

Her advice is thorough and stands the test of time. I would highly recommend her as an asset to any business and any team. I trust her implicitly.

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Sally Mareike photo

Sally Mareike

Director at Building Naturally

Low carbon, healthy, energy efficient, beautiful buildings made from natural materials.

Karen has provided clear and comprehensive start-up planning and systems advice for Building Naturally. Her on-going support, hands-on approach and friendly, postive attitude have been invaluable!

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Gill Kirkham photo

Gill Kirkham

Founder at Rare Event & Rare Media

Karen Espley came alive when I set her, what felt to me, like an impossible task. This lady knows her stuff, is highly professional, logical, patient and robust.

I had the ideas and she not only put them into action, she came up with even more successful ideas, Karen I cannot thank you enough.

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Ryan James photo

Ryan James

Marketing Manager at nFocus Ltd

Karen was brought in (as a recommendation) to help support the marketing function at nFocus: to help me develop the marketing strategy and plan and to act as an on-going mentor. That we now have a marketing plan signed off to support our business plan is brilliant. I am so grateful for the support and guidance she has given me over the past few months. I plan to continue using her on an on-going basis.

Karen is friendly, positive and her real world experience has been invaluable in getting buy-in from the Directors. She really has been awesome to work with and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

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Workshop/seminar testimonials

‘Karen is insightful, clear and straight talking. The advice and tools she provides are concrete and practical. She just makes sense. What is lovely about Karen’s no nonsense approach is that she has a wonderful way of communicating it with humour and integrity.’
Sarah Lott – The Memory Book

‘I find Karen’s energy and personality infectious and her help and advice, useful, clear and easy to implement’
Jamie Calder – St James Place Wealth Management

‘Karen really knows her stuff. You will come away from this short workshop with at least three ways to increase your profits. Guaranteed.’
Nicci Bonfanti – Trusted Sales Dynamics

‘I really enjoyed this workshop. Karen provided clear information and examples of how I can increase profitability in my business. It was packed full of valuable information and checklists that will definitely help me grow my business. Thank you.’
Louisa Pini – Just Be Natural

‘Excellent orientation towards planning necessary activities for transforming and taking your business to the next level.’
Tony Parker – Ability Back

‘Lively and informative information for my small business. I will certainly recommend to other colleagues.’
Peter Scull – Core Modular

‘You don’t know what you don’t know. So any business owner should take time out to come to Karen’s Golden Egg & Bacon Seminar. They’ll leave with some excellent ideas for their business.
Nicola Macdonald – Attractive Marketing

‘Really inspiring session with Karen. She covered a variety of topics, all of which were very useful but most of it was about packaging your time rather than selling time for money. As a result of today I’m going to review my prices and costs too.’
Ali Waters – The Recruitment Team

‘A great session that made me think and consider many aspects of my business’
John Edwards – Mortgage4U

We recently attended “The essentials to growing your business” workshop, run by The Business Clinic and came out feeling thoroughly inspired!   What a wealth of information these ladies provided.  The three talks were all very helpful.   In fact,  I could have listened to them all night.  The whole day was really well constructed and my head was buzzing with ideas by the time it was over. The day flew by and Sam and I both felt excited and raring to go by the end of the day.  Would highly recommend this workshop to anyone hoping to gain ideas, a good plan and bucket loads of enthusiasm to increase their sales.  (The sandwiches were really tasty too!).  Well done.
Greengages Payroll Bureau

I highly recommend anyone who is about to launch their business to attend the workshop on “Essentials to growing your business”.  I have since completed my business plan, sales targets and put a marketing and social media strategy in place.  Karen , Lucy and Michelle’s knowledge and experience has inspired me to move forwards with my decision to push the launch of my business forwards in the hope that I too will be a successful business owner.
Alison Finn – Pinnacle HR

Thank you for a great day, packed full of information and inspiration, I came home energised and buzzing with thoughts and ideas. To be honest just what I needed.
This morning I have written (and I use the term loosely!) a whole article on PTSD, something I have a great interest in, which I am sure I can split into several blog posts.
Today is planning day for, blogs/Social media for both Hakalau and elli and tish naturals. I consider myself kicked up the pants!
You were all magnificent and if the others in the group have gained half what I have, then the workshop can be deemed as a roaring success.Thank you.
Pat Ungless – Hakalau

Planning session (Karen)
Great advice and information to quickly get to the heart of what you want out of your business and how to get there.
Adam Fiske – Mid Sussex Osteopaths

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