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Useful Tools

“If you get stuck, draw with a different pen. Change your tools; it may free your thinking.”    –   Paul Arden

Useful tools to run your business more efficiently


There are so many challenges running a small business and anything that can help take the strain is a good thing. It helps improve your efficiency, streamlines your business and leaves you free to get on with the things you are really good at.

The following are some suggested tools and services that I have tried and use and don’t cost the earth to buy and are excellent products for when you’re in the early(ish) stages of your business.

I have tried all the tools or products listed on this page  – I don’t recommend anything I haven’t tested first.

The links are all affiliate links which means that if you click on any of the links and buy something, I will get a small percentage of the sale price as commission. It won’t affect what you pay at all.

At a minimum you should have an accounting package and a CRM system.


Accounting packages

An accounting package helps you keep tabs on your business day to day:

  • You can list all your customers and suppliers making it easy when it comes to creating invoices and matching payments when they come in.
  • You can create your invoices and track them. You can even offer a pay now link on the invoice (usually for a small fee, but it saves having to chase)
  • You can have repeat invoices so you don’t have to start from scratch each time.
    Put in auto chase rules, so that your customers are chased by email (that you can amend the content and frequency of issue of).
  • You can link your bank account to the package allowing you to reconcile your payments and expenses.
  • It makes life a lot easier for your accountant to do your VAT and income tax returns.
  • And provides all the reports you need – P&L, balance sheets, aged debt reports. In short, all the information you need to keep control of the financial side of your business

Examples include:

  • Xero – this seems to be the most popular one –
  • QuickBooks –
  • FreshBooks –

They are all very affordable for the small business owner. And with Making Tax Digital coming our way over the next few years, if you don’t have an online package yet, you will need one.

Here’s a useful article from the HMRC on what it’s all about –

CRM – Customer Relationship Manager tools

This is an absolute must have and I am always surprised by the number of businesses that don’t have one. Many of my clients had been operating off multiple spreadsheets to try and manage their clients, leads and prospects.
One particular client gathered up his business cards from his networking activities, kept them in a drawer and then at the end of the year, threw them away! What madness is this?

So, what is a CRM system?

If used properly, it’s a wonderful aid for your business. It’s essentially a clever database that helps you track your business.

  • You can enter all contact details into the system and apply what are called tags so you can classify anyone. In my case, I put in where I met them, what kind of business they are and how big they are.
  • You can also classify them as to where they are in the sales cycle. So, are they prospects, leads, opportunities, clients and so on. I also have referral partners; people who may give me business.
  • They have workflows in allowing you to put tasks in with dates and they remind you of what you need to do. And there is a set of standard steps that you take once an activity has started, you can plug those in as a workflow and it reminds you to take the next action. Crucial for those all important sales leads, or indeed for keeping in touch with your most valued clients.
  • You can track your pipeline – you can put in your sales targets and track your sales against them each month.
  • By being able to cut and dice your contacts and export the information to send targetted emails, newsletters or offers.
  • They are usually accessible on your smartphone too, so you can carry around your contact database in your pocket.

Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM

Simple CRM for taking care of Customers

This is a nice easy CRM solution. You can easily add all the details from your business cards, tag them so you can identify the type of business, or import a list from a csv file. You can also use it to manage your activities – it sends you reminders. And you can track your sales pipeline.

It’s very intuitive to use and a great system for businesses starting out.

CRM – OnePageCRM

OnePage CRM

onepage crm logo

Another easy to use CRM package

You can easily add all the details from your business cards, tag them so you can identify the type of business, or import a list from a csv file. You can also use it to manage your activities – it sends you reminders. And you can track your sales pipeline.

It has the additional benefits of some great integrations such as to MailChimp allowing you to easily export your data into your mailing system, LinkedIn and to Xero accounting.

 Emailing systems

Active Campaign

Email automation

This is an alternative to MailChimp. I really struggled to use Mailchimp and spent a long time researching alternatives and finally came across Active Campaign. It’s brilliant and pretty easy to use.
You can use it for standalone emails, or you can automate a sequence of emails depending on what the reader does. For example, I offer lead magnets on my site and with GDPR now need to make sure that they only get the lead magnet and that they have to actively choose to get my newsletter. So I have created a flow which says if they give me the details for the lead magnet and tick the newsletter option, they get added to my newsletter mailing list. If they tick the – ‘Don’t want your newsletter box’, they only get the lead magnet. I am a techno pigmy, so trust me when I tell you, I managed to sort this out for all my lead magnets on my website in less than half an hour!

Siteground email and website hosting

Web Hosting

Email and website hosting

I originally had my site hosted through WP Engine – which was very good, but a bit expensive for my liking. So I moved it to 123-Reg, but it was very slow. I was recommended SiteGround as an alternative and they are excellent. My website is now lightning fast and it was very easy to add the SSL certificate to make the site secure (https). Their customer service is excellent too – very useful for idiots like me!

Acuity Scheduling - online appointment booking

Online appointment booking

This application allows people to book time in your diary without having the constant backwards and forwards emails working out when you are available. You can set up different time slots e.g. 15 or 30 minute calls.
You can sync it with your calendar so it only shows available times and you can also limit when you are available for calls, so you can tailor it around your own schedule. What I also really like about it is you can create forms for people to fill in before they speak to you, so you can gather some useful information, or in fact, stop wasted calls because the person doesn’t meet your criteria. e.g. I don’t work with MLM businesses, so I say that in my form.