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Profit Accelerator Programme

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm” – Abraham Lincoln

Grow your business profitably through the power of the Profit Accelerator Mastermind Programme

What is the Chameleon Guide Profit Accelerator Mastermind Programme?

It’s  a six month mastermind programme with up to five ambitious business owners who meet once every month for the six months in order to grow a profitable business, and achieve and exceed their goals.

I have discovered, working with my one to one clients, that a simple, facilitated mastermind group isn’t enough, they typically also need business knowledge.

The Chameleon Guide

So the meetings have a structured format with a different business discipline covered each month:

  • Finance
  • Budgetting
  • Pricing and products
  • Process and systems
  • Growing your team/HR
  • Sales and marketing

Whilst increasing sales is one way to increase your revenue, you can improve your bottom line dramatically by controlling your costs and by having a clear and properly priced product or service range

Accountability is a key reason why people join a mastermind group. And it’s no different on the Profit Accelerator Programme. You will identify and record your goals, overcome blocks and measure success and achievement. The sessions are facilitated by me but are powered by brainstorming and support from other group members.

As part of the sessions you get the benefit of the insights and fresh perspective of your fellow group members and the follow up sessions make sure that you stay on track.

In short, if you’re ready to take action and willing to invest time, money and some emotion into creating the profitable business you want, the Profit Accelerator Programme will give you the inspiration, determination and practical tools to succeed.

How it works:

 Strategy session and business assessment

Before you join the first session, you’ll meet with me in a one to one session to work on your business objectives and identify exactly what you want to gain by joining the group. You will also complete the business assessment tool to identify areas of concern or areas that you may want to work on. You’ll then have a clear idea of where you’re going.

Monthly mastermind meetings

We meet monthly for four hours, where you’ll work to a structured agenda which combines a mixture of improving your business skills, reviewing your actions, identifying what went well, what didn’t and then working on your actions for the next month.

Each month there’s a hot seat where you bring a particular challenge for the group to work together on. Unlike mastermind groups there is also a vital coaching element to help you improve your business skills – such as getting to grips with your finances, or working on systems and procedures. And your high-level objectives and actions are kept in a central document that you update each month to make sure you stay motivated and on target.

Mastermind Programme Options

You can choose from two different levels of support depending on how fast you wish to progress
– The standard programme includes the monthly meeting and a mid month on-line accountability call
– The VIP programme includes the above plus six hours of one to one intense coaching

More details can be found by clicking on the link below

The two options can be found here

And what results can you expect?

Of course, what you get out will always depend on what you put in. But if you commit to the Programme and the process behind it, then the Chameleon Guide can guarantee your profits will grow by at least 10% (and up to 20% depending on the level of support that you opt for). 

So, the Profit Accelerator Programme is right for you if:

  • You’re committed to doing what it takes to succeed. That means turning up to meetings, engaging in the process and taking action in between meetings.
  • You’re ready for challenge. That means being prepared to think about your business from a different perspective and take tough decisions.
  • You’re looking for accountability and support. That means supporting the others in the group, taking part in the brainstorming and being accountable not just to your facilitator but also to your peers.

In order to provide the highest quality of results for my clients, I only run three groups a year, so you could be one of only 15 people who get my full attention.


Here are what some of my existing clients say about their group:

David Hughes – Anatomised
‘Incrementum ensures at least one regular and dedicated slot in the diary to focus on developing the business away from the normal ‘hurly-burly’ of the working week. Sharing the pain with other businesses spreads the load and generates new ways of looking at commonly shared issues. It’s been really good so far, partly because of your efforts on our behalf and partly because of the people you’ve managed to put together in the group.’

David Farmer – Lime Consultancy
The main benefits to me have been/ still are;

  • I can be honest and get things off my chest, in particular I can express the negative events as well as the positive
  • Realising I am not the only one who things happen to
  • More focus, particularly on the granular activities that drive the bigger picture rather than trying to focus on the big thing and getting nowhere
  • I always feel ready to take on the world when I leave, gives me that boost I need to push again

Ges Ray – Speaking in Public
‘Enables you to actually put into practice the old adage of ‘work on your business, not in your business’.

To have a structured couple of hours away from your emails, away from your ‘phone calls, away from your ‘to do’ lists, in the company of like minded colleagues from whom you are as happy to take their advice as their chiding, does help you formulate priorities and take action on them rather than continue to prevaricate.

And being accountable to Karen can be quite scary…’

I’m now accepting places for my October Programme.

If you’d like to learn more, please book in for a Profit Audit Call and I will contact you to discuss it with you.