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How I’m using Trello to keep my business on track

Do you find it difficult to keep on track or to focus on what actions you should be taking to hit your business targets and then doing them?

I certainly do.

My biggest issues have been:

  • Having my goals written down (a good thing), but then not tracking them or making sure I’m taking the actions to complete them on time
  • Content creation and consistently getting it out there.
  • I have a PhD in procrastination

But I’ve just started using Trello and I think I may have cracked it!
For some reason, I’ve resisted using Trello in the past, but I watched a video this week on how someone uses it and it’s inspired me to start using it.

Trello is an online to-do tracker. It allows you to create different ‘boards’ with actions in them. For example, you can use it to set up projects that you can share with your team and assign different tasks to them. And with its dashboard, it’s really easy to see who’s doing what and what progress is being made.

For now, I’ve set up two boards:

To-do list

I’ve set it up to show my annual goals and quarterly goals, so I have a constant reminder of where I’m trying to get to.

And then I’ve added monthly, weekly and daily activities, all of which I try to align to the overarching quarterly goal.

With Trello, you can colour code things. I’ve coloured mine depending on the type of activity such as revenue goals, or health goals. Or you can add pictures to oomph up the visual impact as I’ve done on a couple here.

And then I’ve put due dates on them.

The content board

This is where I write down the content I want to create and when I want to send it out.

Again I’ve colour coded the content as to whether it’s going to be a blog, or a video post (or both).
And then put due dates on them.

Sync calendars to my everyday calendar

And finally, I’ve synced the two calendar to my google calendar which rules my life.

Now I can see exactly what I need to do in one place rather than rummaging around trying to remember what I’m meant to be doing and when I’m meant to be doing it. I’ve colour coded the calendars so I can identify what’s a content task and what’s a goal task.

Keeping up to date

I check in every morning to see what’s going on and ticking things off when they’re completed (the little clock under the task goes green, so you get a nice visual update of where you’re at).

The only downside I’ve found so far is that you can only put a due date in, you can’t specify how long it’s going to take you to do a task. And it can take a little while for the calendars to sync with Google when you make changes.

But so far it’s really helping me. I love the boards, particularly for the content thing because it means I can keep everything in one place – so if I have a new idea, I can capture it in my ‘Idea’ list (which you can’t see on the screenshot).

I suddenly feel a lot more in control of things and I’m getting stuff done.
Throw in a bit of accountability and there’ll be no stopping me!

There are lots of other tools out there that can help organise your work such as Asana and Monday. They might offer more functionality and complexity, but Trello is nice and simple and easy to use. And that’s always good in my book. Oh, and it’s free for what I need it to do. Also a bonus.

Here’s the link if you want to check it out Trello

I’d love to hear what you’re using to keep you on track.

  1. Looks good Karen. I like to use Mindmaps so i can see everything on one page. You can add, data, communications strands and presentations to the more sophisticated digital ones. You can also link mindmaps foe example, interview, then mindmap your quals and experience to the job description. I have a copy on my desktop, a copy on my phone and one on the fridge door, a place i visit frquently. Chris M

    • Thanks Chris. I tend to use mindmaps for brainstorming ideas. I’ve never thought about using them to manage activities before. Which mindmap app do you use?

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