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What’s your bigger game? And is it ok to have a smaller one?

Do you have a plan for business growth? And do you look at it and feel guilty if it doesn’t include world domination? That you don’t have a burning desire to want to save or create a better world with your business? I used to. There is a school of thought that we’re supposed to have a bigger game, a vision, a passion, creating something to help millions. There are people who do this – Tom Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Daniel Priestley, Mario Forleo – who says ‘The world needs that special give that only you have’. And so many others […]

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Don’t be a business dinosaur – keep an eye on the future

This week we meet some more dinosaurs of the business world with both  Toys “R” Us and Maplin going into receivership. You’d think businesses would learn from the mistakes of past spectacular failures like Blockbusters or Kodak who didn’t or wouldn’t see the future. If you don’t move with the rapidly changing times, you’re likely to get trampled in the rush of progress. Which is exactly what has happened with these businesses. I am not surprised, certainly not about Toys “R” Us – I’ve been thinking for some time how out of touch Toys “R” Us was. Those soulless shops […]

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The Apprentice – Episode 8 – Canine Capers and a shock in the boardroom

Staggering new statistics this week in The Apprentice –  A quarter of the population has a dog (over 11 million). That’s a lot of poop that needs scooping!  And owners spend £11bn, yes, eleven billion pounds, on their dogs. I couldn’t believe that figure so I looked it up on line – it’s actually over £12bn!! I’m in the wrong business! All of which leads (see what I did there?) neatly to this week’s task. Running a doggy day care service. The two services available were running a dog spa or doggy training classes. They also each had a mobile […]

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The Apprentice – Episode 7 – Car Crash TV

This week The Apprentice task was an old favourite – the marketing of a new product. In this case two cars to launch. The teams had to create a brand, a TV advert and a digital advert for the London Underground which they then had to pitch to an advertising agency. The best campaign won. Poor Charles – always the bridesmaid, never the PM, yet again put himself up for leading Vitality and yet again was completely ignored in favour of Michaela. I think he’s put himself up for the role in every episode so far and every time it’s […]

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The Apprentice – Episode 6 – Lost in translation

Another classic The Apprentice episode – the tour guide task where the candidates have to organise a tour, sell tickets and take the poor unsuspecting tourists on a whistle stop tour around an area. This week, the candidates got to go to Bruges on board the enormous cruise ship – the Brittania, which can take 3000 guests!  My idea of hell on earth. My antipathy to cruises aside, the teams had to choose a theme and run with it. Bruges is an easy one to cover given it has beautiful buildings and is the home of chocolate, beer and waffles. […]

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5 reasons why having a plan is essential for your business

‘Only 3% of adults have written goals, and everyone else works for them.’ Brian Tracy Many businesses seem reluctant to plan for their business. Why is that? A client once admitted he was scared to have a sales forecast for next year. When I asked him about it, he said it was scary committing to figures that he was then worried about not hitting. Which was odd, given that we’d been working off a sales forecast that I’d created for him for the previous six months. And that he’d almost hit target (he only missed it by a matter of […]

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Want to grow your business? Plan a bank raid!

Want to grow your business, but are not very clear about how to do it?. Do you remember why you went into business in the first place? You had a passion for what you do and you wanted freedom to be master of your own destiny to earn a good living to be able to work the hours you wanted to less stress than you had before How many of the above have you ticked as reasons why you set up your business? Now, looking at the last four how many of them are actually true? Are any of them […]

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Top tips for keeping your business running smoothly whilst you’re on holiday

image - Top tips for keeping your business running smoothly whilst you’re on holiday

So you’re daring to take a holiday? Brave move. But will you be working on holiday, or taking a much needed break? In an ideal world you’d like to switch off, keep the family or your friends happy, or if you’re going to somewhere remote to know that your business isn’t going to stall when you can’t access the internet. Or are you not taking a break at all because you’re worried your business will grind to a halt when you’re gone? You wouldn’t be alone – 76% of small business owners forego holidays to make sure their business keeps […]

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Brexit or Bust

I apologise for being yet another of the thousands banging on about Brexit, but it’s all that’s in my head at the moment – I can’t get rid of it. I keep thinking I’ve reconciled myself to the result and then I read an article about the retraction of the ‘promises’ of the leave campaign, see the worrying acts of racism, watch the news with people saying ‘I didn’t think my leave vote would count’, or Cornwall who voted out despite getting £90 million from Europe and asking for assurances they’d still get the money and I get all wound […]

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How to improve your cash flow – 8 top tips

We all know that cash is king and improving your cash flow to make sure that more if it is coming in than is going out is vital. Having a cash flow forecast is important, particularly if you have a seasonal sales cycle when you may have to ramp up production, incurring costs before you are able to sell the goods. The forecast will allow you to track where you are with your money each month and show any months where the costs may outstrip the incoming revenue allowing you to plan for the shortfall, rather than it being nasty surprise. […]

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