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Would your business survive if you couldn’t work?

Do you have enough money in your business for it to survive should you be unable to work? You never know when life is going to trip you up or cause a temporary derailment to your business. I have two clients who have had to take time off work because of parents being ill or needing additional support. And as we get older, that’s a problem more and more of us face. Then I was really shocked and saddened to read a post in a group I’m in on Facebook about a well-known marketing expert who has been diagnosed with […]

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How to create more time so you can grow your business

Typically business owners try to do it all themselves. When you start out, that’s par for the course, but if you’re still doing it all two years down the line (or more), then you are probably feeling a bit frazzled or burnt out. And your business possibly isn’t growing as you’d like it to. Even if you’ve tried to improve how you’ve worked to be more efficient and it’s not er, worked, here’s another way to look at your tasks to identify what you can: Keep doing stop doing make more efficient or give to someone else to do Or, […]

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What are your biggest business challenges?

I recently sent out a survey to small business owners asking them what the biggest challenges they faced were and what success looked like for them. And the results are in!   Unsurprisingly, the biggest challenges are around not having enough revenue, clients or leads. And working too many hours, although I was slightly surprised to see that only half of people surveyed saw this as a problem. It’s great to see that no-one felt poor service delivery was an issue. Perhaps this only becomes an issue when you have too many clients that makes it difficult to provide a […]

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Top 5 applications to help your business grow for less than £50 a month

Having efficient business processes can make a great difference to your business. They help you grow through generating leads or enabling you to scale up. One of the biggest challenges small businesses or start-up businesses have though is finding the tools to help them grow which don’t cost the earth. I have spent five years trying to find the ones that work the best for me and this blog looks at the ones I use and how they fit together. I’ve included more than five, but the key ones I use are: Jotform – for creating tests and questionnaires Active […]

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3 mistakes to avoid if you want to keep your customers

It hurts when you lose a customer doesn’t it? Particularly if they were a good customer. How do you avoid losing customers? This blog highlights three mistakes that can trip you up and what you can do about it. A client of mine has just sacked their bookkeeping service for making three mistakes which could all have been avoided if they had managed things better. Not only has this company lost a client, but they’ve also left someone who is extremely disgruntled and will be expressing his displeasure far and wide. And I will never recommend them to anyone else. […]

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The high street fights back!

Despite the demise of yet more large retail businesses over the last month, there are some who are getting with the programme and working out how to keep customers coming to them through clever technology or providing an inviting experience through their shops. There is definitely still a place for the high street. I’m not a big fan of shopping, but sometimes you do want to go and browse and look at the products you want to buy. Shoes, clothing, books and computers are the ones I would happily go and rummage around for. Shoes, only because I can’t be […]

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