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Brexit or Bust

I apologise for being yet another of the thousands banging on about Brexit, but it’s all that’s in my head at the moment – I can’t get rid of it.

I keep thinking I’ve reconciled myself to the result and then I read an article about the retraction of the ‘promises’ of the leave campaign, see the worrying acts of racism, watch the news with people saying ‘I didn’t think my leave vote would count’, or Cornwall who voted out despite getting £90 million from Europe and asking for assurances they’d still get the money and I get all wound up again.


To my mind the whole thing has been an unmitigated disaster.

The campaign was appalling from both sides – there is no one side that can hold its head up high and say they did a good job. And as a consequence I would say both parties are culpable for the resultant mess.

The campaign was punctuated by obfuscation (word of the day), lies and fearmongering.
Facts were an inconvenient truth kept well hidden. It’s no wonder people didn’t know what to do. It took me months of digging away and asking questions to try and get to a place where I felt in a position to be able to make a considered decision. Thank goodness for Facebook where we shared a lot of information between us – both for and against remaining in the EU.

That’s all any of us wanted – a balanced view with the facts – the pros and the cons of both sides to enable us to weigh up what we thought the best solution was.
That it was extremely difficult to do this is the one massive failing of the campaign in my opinion.
Which left the field wide open for the scare tactics, the hyperbolic statistics and the lurid promises. That people believed. And the press peddled (shame on you). There is no way £350 million was going to be handed directly to the NHS. Oh, except it wasn’t £350 million after all either. But we didn’t know that until right at the end when it was too late for most people.

What the campaign has done is create the most enormous division in the country – so much hatred has been generated as a result of it. The north south divide just turned into a gulf, the young hate the old, the racists now think they have carte-blanche to behave as badly as they like. It feels like we’ve been plunged into the dark ages.
Whilst I believe many votes were cast on misinformation, I do not agree with there being a second vote. Yes, maybe there should have been a clear result objective of at least 60% voting for one result against a minimum turnout. But it’s too late for that. But the whole point of a democratic process is that the largest vote wins. Full stop. Just because we Remainers didn’t get the result we wanted, doesn’t mean that we can spit our dummies out and scream ‘unfair, unfair’ and demand a re-vote.

It is what it is. I don’t like it, but now we have to get on with it and make the best of the sow’s ear we’ve been given. Who knows, it could be the making of us (*snorts derisively* though I will be more than happy to be proved wrong).

“So often in life a new chapter awaits. You ride off into the sunset and discover it’s the sunrise.”    –   Robert Braul

Lack of plans

One has to ask the next important question – why was there no plan in place for a Leave result? Surely someone, somewhere must have thought – we’d better have a contingency plan in place? It’s like going to the Antarctic by sea and not having any life rafts or life jackets because you don’t expect there to be any icebergs. David’s washed his hands of the whole thing and has walked away. Handy when there’s no plan – leave it to some other bugger to work out. On one hand I don’t blame him, but a bit of stability would be useful and for him to help make the transition would be the bigger thing to do if he loves this country as much as he claims. Captains should never leave their ship, sinking or otherwise!

Can you imagine if a business was run this way?

Any decent business worth its salt, when planning for the future assesses the risks, looks at the alternatives and makes sure there is a plan B prepared in case plan A goes west in a puff of smoke.

That’s massive arrogance from the Remain team and complete ineptitude from the Leave team – one can only assume they didn’t expect to win so they thought they’d make a really big noise about it instead. There can be no other excuse.

What needs to happen now is for the infighting to stop – for hostilities to be suspended and sleeves to be rolled up to work out how to manage this unholy mess. Without finger pointing, or blamestorming, but with an eye to the future. How to exit Europe gracefully and with the least acrimony, and work out what the new world looks like – what needs to be untangled, what needs to start anew, who is going to do it, by when and how much it is going to cost.

What they need is a good project plan. And I’m the very fellow for the job.

Available to help at any time …

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