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The Apprentice – Episode 3 – Robot Wars

This week – not so much Robot Wars as candidate wars as the animosity between the women built to dangerous levels! It was, on the face of it, a simple enough challenge. Programme and brand a robot to sell to two major retailers and choose a less expensive robot product to sell to independent retailers. As ever, the team that made the most profit won the task. Since the men’s team had lost the last two challenges, their numbers were getting low so team jigging was required to balance the team sizes. In an inspired moment, rather than mix up […]

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Webinars, Fairies and Unicorns – the Myths

If you’re a business owner, particularly one in the first few years of your business, like me, you’re probably looking for solutions to a number of different problems to help your business grow. And solutions that don’t cost a great deal of money because we don’t have infinite resources. The curse of free content The internet is a blessing and a curse in this regard. There is so much ‘free’ stuff out there, that you probably could glean the answers, but you’d have to search a lot and connect a lot of dots before you get anywhere. Or you buy […]

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5 great articles to help with social media for your business

I don’t know about you, but I find the whole world of social media a complex and confusing place. And therefore to be avoided at all costs. Until recently, Facebook and LinkedIn have been the extent of my on-line presence. Yes, I know that makes me a troglodyte and I’ll be the first to hold my hands up and agree. But that’s all had to change and I’ve had to dip my toes (actually, it was more a full body emersion) into this arcane and mysterious world. These days, as a business, if you are looking for new clients, you […]

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Lead magnet or lead repeller – How not to attract customers

When is a lead magnet not a lead magnet? When it repels! Have you got a lead magnet? If not, why not?  It seems the world and his wife has one these days. A lead magnet is an item of value that you give away for free in exchange for some information about the person wanting that item – usually their email address. They get something of value, you get a new contact for your mailing lists and hopefully someone who is more receptive to your offerings (on the assumption they were interested in your item of value). The value item […]

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